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Garden center "Divine Garden"


Divine Garden was established in 2009 and is located in the Western Industrial Area in Varna, Bulgaria and Divine Garden Ltd. was established in 2015 as successor of Landscaping of Devnya Trade Ltd. Since then, we have been following our main goal - to create a greener world for our children!

Following this goal, we started to produce the flowers that we sell. Our production site already has a commercial area of ​​14 decares and on 3,5 decares there are 9 polythene greenhouses, of which 2,5 decares are heated.

Gradually, the volume of work and customer needs grew and we began to design, build and maintain gardens and parks. At present, we have all the necessary machines to do both the ground preparation and the construction of the garden and the maintenance after its completion - motor drills, motor milling machine, motor vertikulator, motor saws, motor brush cutters, motor trimers, motor sprayers, etc.

Our team consists of qualified and capable specialists - a lanscape architect, a surveyor, an agronomist, technical supervisors, sales consultants and, last but not least, landscaping workers. We all together can turn your garden from an idea into a real paradise!

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